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Rubicon Results has serious intergrity issues.They use the group dynamic where everyone supports each other to achieve their goals.

I was paired with a woman whose goal was to promote her very violent bondage website which also encouraged got other woman into the industry. I immediately requested to be given another partner and in the spirit of "a person is not their job" requested that the woman chose another goal like health, relationships or family since the entire group would still be supporting her. Terry Finn said he was aware of the problem and asked me not tell tell anyone why I was changing partner that he would prefer to have the conversation with the group. He instead washed it under the rug and lied about why we changed partners.

At that point, the rest of the group did not know (and therefore were given no choice in deciding if that was something they wished to support). Terry persisted in ignoring my requests to be honest and tell the group. I then asked to be removed from the group and given a refund and that he let the group know why I was leaving. He immediately agreed.

The refund never materialized nor Pat Finn ever responded to many emails or calls. It was not only a rip-off but an incredibly unethical one. How would you feel if you found out you were supporting a murderer in chosing his next victim and the head coach knew it but didn't bother to inform you?

That was the same impact this had on me.

Review about: Breakthrough Results Course.

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